Store and maintain all of your
fixed assets within Sage 200!

Fixed Assets for Sage 200 is a powerful tool for maintaining and controlling the complete lifecycle of your assets. Fully integrated with the Sage 200 suite, the module takes care of complicated depreciation calculations providing a quick and simple way of managing your assets.

The Fixed Assets for Sage 200 module provides complete visibility into your assets and depreciation values helping you to stay in control of your resources. The module includes the following features:

  • Automatically calculates and posts depreciation values.

  • Import existing assets and historic transaction.

  • View asset deprecation forecasts.
  • Record asset additions and disposals.
  • Simple asset revaluation.
  • Automatic asset creation with Purchase Order Processing integration.

  • Bill depreciation costs straight to a project with Project Accounting integration.

  • Save notes and documents against an asset.

  • Print asset labels.

Main Features & Benefits

Complete Control of your assets

Users no longer need to switch between applications, with Fixed Assets for Sage 200 all information is stored and maintained within Sage 200.

Save valuable time with Automatic depreciation calculations

Take care of complicated calculations and reduce manual errors with the automatic calculation of depreciation values.

Automatic Asset Creation

Integrated with Sage 200 Purchase Order Processing users are able to save valuable time as assets are created automatically.

Project Accounting Integration

The Fixed Assets for Sage 200 module allows depreciation costs to be automatically billed to a project with integrated Project accounting

Complete Traceability on all Assets

Import existing assets and historic transactions from excel to ensure complete traceability on every asset within Sage 200.

Get Complete Visibiilty into your Assets

View asset depreciation forecasts, record asset additions and disposals and save notes and documents against an asset all within the Sage 200 suite.

Selection of Depreciation Methods.

The Fixed Asset module includes a selection of depreciation methods such as No depreciation, reducing balance (monthly and annually) and Straight Line.

Report Customisation

Report on all information from within the one system. Choose from a selection of standard reports - fixed asset reports, additions report and disposal report or create tailored reports specific to your own requirements.

More Information

What can Fixed Assets for Sage 200 do for your business?

  • Stay in control of all your assets with greater visibility into your assets.

  • Complete traceability on all your assets.
  • Reduce manual errors with automatic calculations of depreciation values.

  • Save valuable time with automatic asset creation.